Inmould labelling

Revolutionizing Product Branding

Discover how inmould labelling is revolutionizing the world of product branding by integrating customer-specific labels directly into plastic components. This advanced technology ensures a durable and high-quality finish, elevating your product’s visual appeal to a new level.

Custom Labels Integrated into Plastic

Inmould labelling technology allows the label to merge with the plastic product during the moulding process itself. This results in a seamless and durable labeling that does not fade, tear, or peel over time. By employing this method, we can create products with labels that are tailored to each client’s unique needs and design preferences.

Benefits of Inmould labelling

The benefits of inmould labelling include not only improved aesthetics and durability but also the possibility for full-face decoration and unparalleled graphic qualities. This technique allows for the application of detailed images and complex designs, offering an excellent branding opportunity and making it easier to stand out in the market.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Inmould labelling is not just aesthetically pleasing and durable but also an environmentally friendly labeling method. Since the label is integrated into the product during the moulding process, the need for secondary labeling and the associated waste materials is reduced. This supports companies’ sustainability goals and contributes to a more sustainable production cycle.

Custom Solutions with Inmould labelling

Our inmould labelling service offers complete customization, enabling the production of unique and functional plastic products that fully reflect your brand’s identity. Regardless of your design’s complexity or the specific message you want to convey, we guarantee flawless integration of your label directly into the product.

Inmould labelling from Facet ensures that your product not only meets the highest standards for quality and durability but also stands out with a custom aesthetic that captures consumer attention.

We are experts in our field and we have focus on always using the best and latest technology in production.

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