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“The fact that Kellpo also manages to be competitive on price is certainly not insignificant.”

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Mejerigaarden Kellpo is a supplier of custom-designed plastic containers for Mejerigaarden’s ice cream products.
There are many reasons why we have chosen Kellpo as a supplier of our packaging products. Partly because Kellpo is almost our neighbouring company, which gives incredible flexibility in relation to logistics and a much shorter reaction time, and partly because Kellpo is a company that has more than 20 years of experience in the design and production of moulding tools. They know exactly what is possible and what is not, and they have completely mastered which requirements must be met in order to achieve a stable production. Their knowledge and experience is Kellpo’s great strength – and they are actually quite unique in that they make their own moulding tools.

The fact that Kellpo also manages to be competitive on price is certainly not insignificant. We operate in a competitive market, so price is always central and it has definitely also played a role in our decision to use Kellpo as a supplier. Overall we see the collaboration with Kellpo as very positive. They are skilled, their prices are competitive, their reaction time is extremely fast and they deliver on time.

Kim Gade Pedersen, Chief Financial Officer, Mejerigaarden

MME Nordic

MME Nordic uses Kellpo as a subcontractor for machined components for the machines that MME Nordic builds for the medico industry. Kellpo is a valued business partner, who we have used as a supplier of machined workpieces since we started our company in January 2016. Kellpo supplies good quality workpieces and they deliver on time. Some of what we appreciate most in the collaboration is flexibility and good dialogue. Communication regarding projects works great, and the ongoing dialogue helps to create confidence and trust in the collaboration.

CEO Leif Amby, MME Nordic

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