Plastic packaging & food packaging

Facet Packaging is not just packaging, it is part of the experience that the recipient gets with their item.

Packaging production

“Apperance is everything.” A product’s packaging is a large part of the total product experience and it is here that Facet can make a difference. We are able to provide innovative, customised product solutions regarding plastic packaging and food packaging that are both creative and eye-catching, so the customer’s products stand out from the crowd.

At the same time, unlike many other packaging manufacturers, we can offer special solutions even in small series productions. Therefore, startup companies and other companies that do not yet have very large volumes can develop eye-catching packaging solutions, so their products come into their right.

From idea to finished product

Our many years of knowledge and experience in plastic engineering and tool-making is our foundation when we design, design optimise and production mature our customers’ packaging solutions. This is reflected in the end result, Facet / Kellpo are known for developing high-quality customised solutions.

To ensure that our customer’s end product matches the customer’s wishes and needs, both visually and functionally, we offer to make a 3D print-version of the workpiece during the development process. This gives the customer a lifelike “prototype”- a visualisation of the design that at the same time allows for the functionality to be tested. We always recommend making a 3D print of design workpieces, before production is started, because it minimises the risk of faults or defects in the end-product.

Facet / Kellpo helps you as our customer through the entire process from the first fledgling idea through to the finished product packaging. Our background as tool makers cannot be denied – we are razor sharp at identifying opportunities and needs, and finding just the solution that matches each customer’s wishes and needs.

Since we mainly produce packaging for the food industry, we have, of course, sharp focus on food safety and maintaining a very high hygiene standard. And of course we are able to deliver packaging both with and without IML.

Recycled plastic

Recycling is an important focus area for Kellpo. In principle, we can recycle all the plastic we send in the market . We use about 1,000 tonnes of recycled plastic annually in our Hexa-cover production, and the amount of recycled plastic so far exceeds the amount of virgin plastic in our production. For more information about Hexa Cover – Click here.

More information about our plastic and food packaging

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”We are part of an experience!”
Packaging is not just wrapping, it’s part of the experience that the recipient gets with their product. Our experienced design engineers get involved in the development process and support the customer with suggestions and ideas. It is very important that the packaging does not impact on the environment. Therefore, the material should be in order and as little as possible of it is used. It requires good and precise tools, and here we are very strong.

We collaborate with some of the packaging market’s best players and we are one of them ourselves!

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